Free Excel VBA Email Course

Free Excel VBA Email Course

Join hundreds of thousands of Excel Power Users who have learned about Excel Macros and VBA with our Training Materials

Learn about the most basic VBA constructs.

Study at your own pace with short, concise, bite-sized emails.

Start using basic VBA constructs to create, and work with, Excel macros.

The most comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-learn method to master the VBA coding skills for MS Excel. I'm so glad I was able to find this resources. Thanks "J" for your hard work and dedication to accomplish this masterpiece (...)

Diego T.


So far it has been excellent. While I have been programming with VBA and other languages for many years this a nice refresher. Clear and concise without the unnecessary clutter.

Peter J.


In 14 email lessons, you learn about the following VBA constructs and structures:

  • Procedures and Sub procedures.
  • Statements.
  • Objects and the Excel Object Model.
  • Properties.
  • Methods.
  • Parameters.
  • Cell references.
  • Expressions
  • Operators.
  • Variables, including object variables.
  • Data types.
  • Procedure calling.
  • Functions, including Custom (User-Defined) Functions (UDFs).
  • Conditional statement execution.
  • Loops.
  • Events.

Thank you for the simple and yet detailed lessons. I am getting more and more confident about understanding macros and vba. Can't wait for the next lessons.

Edna W.


I am very much impressed about the VBA Basic course and lots of confusion have been cleared after going through these valuable 13 lectures.

Shirishkumar P.


J.A. Gomez

Course Instructor and Creator of Power Spreadsheets

Hi, I'm J.

I've been working with, and teaching about, Excel, macros, and VBA for several years.

Prior to mastering macros and VBA several years ago, I (also) faced common self-limiting beliefs and doubts. I thought that:

  • I would never be able to learn how to program; and
  • Only "certain" people could master macros and VBA.

My own experience showed me this was wrong. Despite coming from a non-technical background and having no programming experience, I mastered Excel macros and VBA.

I'm convinced that, if I could overcome my limitations and self-limiting beliefs to master Excel macros and VBA, you also can. I didn't have any unique gifts, traits, or experiences to indicate that I would be able to become an authority in the field of Excel macros and VBA.

I decided to learn about these topics. I invested a lot of time and money towards achieving this goal. This experience of learning about Excel macros and VBA has allowed me to organize and structure the information anybody, like you, needs to learn about these topics.

My experience with macros is similar to yours. I have had some exposure in utilizing macros that others have built but just kind of flag it as something I never learned and therefore cannot do. Something like you say only nerdy people can do. It's time to just get on with it and learn how.

Anita P.


I am really impressed by your road to this amazing knowledge and the challenges you endured to achieve this mastery level of excel knowledge. This give me the strong heart to overcome my believes too and hope to be like you soon. Everything is possible after I learn about your experience.

Mohamed I.



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