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From no knowledge of macros and VBA, to creating powerful and flexible VBA Applications

Do you want to:

  • Automate Excel?
  • Save time for the things that really matter?
  • Open new career opportunities?

The Books in The Power Spreadsheets Library are comprehensive and actionable step-by-step guides for people who (like you) want to achieve these goals.

Join hundreds of Excel users from all walks of life (including students, professionals, and retirees) who have learned about Excel macros and VBA with the Books in The Power Spreadsheets Library.

Some potential benefits of learning Excel macros and VBA

Work Faster

Save Time

Advance Your Career

Become a trusted and admired Excel user who can contribute and help colleagues, friends, and family

Spend less time manually performing tasks, which may free up time to do the things you care about the most

Improve your career prospects by opening new and better paid job opportunities due to your acquired macro and VBA skills


  • All eBooks are in PDF format.
  • In selected eBooks (please click the appropriate "Learn More..." button below to see a specific eBook's details):
    • Example Excel workbook(s) and/or PDF file(s) containing the data and/or VBA code I display in the eBook.
    • Cheat sheet(s).
  • The main Excel macro and VBA tools, features, constructs, and structures explained in plain English.
  • Tons of tips and tricks.
  • 1 license to the eBook(s) and (if applicable) companion file(s) (for example, example Excel workbooks, example PDF files, cheat sheets) you purchase for your personal use.
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J.A. Gomez - Creator of Power Spreadsheets

J.A. Gomez

Power Spreadsheets

Hi, I'm J.

I'm the creator of Power Spreadsheets. I've been working with, and teaching about, Excel, macros, and VBA for several years. 

I first applied the learning techniques and strategies I use in the Books in The Power Spreadsheets Library to my own process of mastering macros and VBA. In other words: I've written the Books I would've found most useful when I started to learn about these topics.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time working on and researching about:

  • Automation;
  • Excel;
  • Macros; and
  • VBA.

However, this wasn't always the case.

At times, I (also) faced common self-limiting beliefs and doubts. These beliefs ranged:

  • From believing I wasn't good at Math;
  • To thinking I would never be able to learn how to program.

My own experience showed me these self-limiting beliefs were wrong. Despite coming from a non-technical background and having no programming experience, I mastered Excel macros and VBA.

I'm convinced that, if I could overcome my limitations and self-limiting beliefs to master Excel macros and VBA, you also can. I didn't have any unique gifts, traits, or experiences to indicate that I would be able to become an authority in the field of Excel macros and VBA.

I decided to learn about these topics. I invested a lot of time and money towards achieving this goal. This experience of learning about Excel macros and VBA has allowed me to organize and structure the information anybody, like you, needs to learn about these topics.

My experience with macros is similar to yours. I have had some exposure in utilizing macros that others have built but just kind of flag it as something I never learned and therefore cannot do. Something like you say only nerdy people can do. It's time to just get on with it and learn how.

Anita P.


(1) Excel Macros for Beginners Book Series: Get Started with Macros

I wrote the Excel Macros for Beginners Book Series to help aspiring macro users (like you):

  • Through the beginning stages of learning about, and working with, Excel macros.
  • Learn the basics of working with macros.
  • Start creating macros without programming.

Provides a firm base to the topic and provides inspiration that you too can become a VBA programmer.

John B.


(...) it is a nice clear thorough easy to understand introduction (...)

The explanation is careful and thorough and the time investment will pay off later when you have a thorough understanding (...)

I would have liked to have read this book when I first started.

Alan E.


The Beginners Guide to What Macros and VBA Are and How You Can Benefit From Them

Learn More...

The Step-by-Step Guide to Start Automating Excel Without Programming in VBA

Learn More...

The Beginners Guide to Managing the Main Excel Macro and VBA Security Features and Storage Options to Reduce Risks While Increasing Your Power and Efficiency

Learn More...

The Step-by-Step Guide to Executing Excel Macros with the Most-Commonly Used Tools and Features

Learn More...

The Beginners Guide to Working with, and Customizing, the Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

Learn More...

(2) VBA Fundamentals Book Series: Master VBA's Fundamental Constructs/Structures

I designed the VBA Fundamentals Book Series to help aspiring VBA users (such as you):

  • Learn about the most basic VBA constructs; and
  • Start using them when working with VBA code.

Where was this guy years ago? Author does a great job of explaining precisely what the book is about. Would love to see a comprehensive book by this guy! His approach is orchestrated for learners; in language that is easy to understand for learners. Well done.

Eric N.


The Essential Guide to the Basic Structure of VBA Macros (Procedures and Sub Procedures)

Learn More...

The Essential Guide to the Basic Components and Structure of VBA Statements

Learn More...

The Beginners Guide to Working with the Excel Object Model, Objects and Collections in VBA

Learn More...

The Essential Guide to Working with Properties, Methods and Parameters in VBA

Learn More...

How to Use the With… End With Block to Improve the Structure and Efficiency of Your VBA Code/Macros

Learn More...

Introduction to the Specific Rules that Apply to Formulas, Cell References, Expressions and Operators in VBA

Learn More...

Improve Your Efficiency when Working with, or Manipulating Data, in Excel VBA

Learn More...

The Essential Guide to Working with Arrays in Excel VBA

Learn More...

Make Macros Work Together and Appropriately Structure Excel VBA Projects

Learn More...

Improve the Power and Flexibility of Your VBA Code/Macros with Built-In/Intrinsic Functions and Excel Worksheet Functions

Learn More...

Master VBA Function Procedures and Create Powerful/Flexible Custom Functions

Learn More...

Work with the GoTo, If… Then… Else and Select Case Statements to Create (Even) More Powerful/Flexible Macros

Learn More...

Create Elegant and Sophisticated Macros that Provide an Amazing User Experience

Learn More...

Repeatedly Execute Statements to Create (Even) More Powerful Macros

Learn More...

Easily Create Automatic Excel Macros

Learn More...

Get one or both Book Series (Excel Macros for Beginners and/or VBA Fundamentals) NOW for one LOW price!



Get started with Macros
  • 5 eBooks in PDF format
  • 3 example Excel workbooks

24.95 19



Master VBA's fundamental constructs and structures
  • 15 eBooks in PDF format
  • 69 example Excel workbooks
  • 1 PDF cheat sheet
  • 1 example PDF file

74.85 59

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