My most comprehensive Training Bundle for learning how to automate Excel and save time with macros and VBA

  • The most comprehensive Training Bundle inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy if you want to learn how to automate Excel and save time by working with macros and VBA.
  • If you want to get the most value from what I have to offer inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy, this is for you.
  • PSA Platinum bundles all the Training Materials inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy. In other words: PSA Platinum gives you access to all the Training Materials that you'd invest over time.

Hi, I'm J.

I'm the creator of Power Spreadsheets. I've been working with, and teaching about, Excel, macros, and VBA for several years. 

Learn How to Automate Excel with Macros and VBA the Easy Way!

Stop wasting time. Stop feeling overwhelmed. Stop following dead ends and failing learning strategies.

No other Excel macro and VBA Training Bundle on the market today –at any price– arms you with the same conceptual and practical knowledge about Excel macros and VBA.

You'll quickly gain practical experience by creating, and working with, powerful and practical macros so you can:

  • Automate Excel;
  • Save time for the things that really matter to you; and
  • Open new career opportunities.

I have been an Excel user since the 80's. After retirement, I started volunteering for non-profits using both Excel and Access. These powerful programs have allow me save them countless hours and dollars. Most of my success has been with first first level spreadsheets and databases. I have often wanted to find in-depth tutorials to take me to a useful level using Visual Basic. Your valuable offerings have opened these doors for me. Thanks J


J, my career was devoted to creating tutorials for technical personnel (...). Your tutorials are reflections of the intricate detail I used to ensure the transfer of critical knowledge about subjects. Thank you brother!

Chuck C.


For last one week, I was looking for a source where I can learn about VBA from scratch but I didn't find any quality source. But you are really amazing. You made me understand the basic structure of VBA language. Your lecture is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks a lot!



J.A. Gomez

Creator of Power Spreadsheets

Hi, I'm J.

I've been working with, and teaching about, Excel, macros, and VBA for several years.

Prior to mastering macros and VBA several years ago, I (also) faced common self-limiting beliefs and doubts. I thought that:

  • I would never be able to learn how to program; and
  • Only "certain" people could master macros and VBA.

My own experience showed me this was wrong. Despite coming from a non-technical background and having no programming experience, I mastered Excel macros and VBA.

I'll be the first to admit that learning macros and VBA wasn't easy.

When I started learning about Excel macros and VBA on my own, I took the long painful route. I invested thousands of hours:

  • Reading books and blogs.
  • Watching video lessons.
  • Visiting online forums.

This trial-and-error approach was flawed. It made the experience difficult and less fulfilling. Not to mention the time and money I lost.

It's true that, in the end, I achieved my objective: I mastered macros and VBA.

However, it's also true that I could've been much more effective. I could've achieved the same objective:

  • In less time.
  • With less effort.
  • By spending less money.

During my time helping thousands of people, just like you, I've noticed that (unfortunately) most of them make similar mistakes to the ones I did.

And that's one of the main reasons why I'm constantly developing and refining the Training Materials inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy.

  • I want to save you the:
    • Time.
    • Mistakes.
    • Trial-and-error.
    • Confusion.
  • And I want to teach you how to use macros and VBA:
    • Easily.
    • Effectively.

My experience has allowed me to identify the approaches and processes that work best to learn how to automate Excel with macros and VBA. I know what it takes to take you:

  • From a complete beginner with absolutely no knowledge about macros and VBA;
  • To a confident Power User who's able to create powerful VBA Applications.

My experience with macros is similar to yours. I have had some exposure in utilizing macros that others have built but just kind of flag it as something I never learned and therefore cannot do. Something like you say only nerdy people can do. It's time to just get on with it and learn how.

Anita P.


I am really impressed by your road to this amazing knowledge and the challenges you endured to achieve this mastery level of excel knowledge. This give me the strong heart to overcome my believes too and hope to be like you soon. Everything is possible after I learn about your experience.

Mohamed I.


My work in Excel, macros, and VBA is quoted, and referred to, by Excel, macro, and VBA users (of all levels) at the largest, most reliable, and most prestigious Excel and VBA discussion forums and websites, including the following.

Training Bundle Information

Here's what's included in PSA Platinum.

I built PSA Platinum with you in mind. If you're an Excel macro and VBA beginner and you're looking for help with each step along the way, this is the Training Bundle for you. It literally takes you:

  • From "What’s a macro?"
  • To "I know how to automate this process with VBA!"

Work at your own pace.

Excel Macros for Beginners contains 11 distinct Modules with 54 videos (8+ hours!). This Course takes you:

  • From the most basic questions you may have about Excel macros; to
  • Completing a simple but powerful VBA Application.

VBA Fundamentals is divided into 2 parts.

  • Part I contains 12 distinct Modules with 241 videos (7+ hours!).
  • Part II contains 8 distinct Modules with 199 videos (8+ hours!).

These Courses take you:

  • From the most basic questions you may have about Excel VBA;
  • To creating relatively advanced and powerful VBA Applications (including, for example, procedures that are executed automatically upon an event occurring).

Clear action items set you up for success.

PSA Platinum teaches you:

  • How to:
    • Create basic macros without programming.
    • Work with the tools and features that can help you create macros.
    • Start working with VBA.
  • What processes and strategies you can use to create macros from scratch.
  • The
    • Main constructs you use when working with VBA.
    • Rules and best practices you can follow to reduce the risks of errors or bugs in your VBA code.

Exercise, Practice, and Bonus Lessons keep you on track.

The Courses include specially designated Bonus lessons, Exercise lessons, and Practice lessons.

  • Exercise lessons (in Excel Macros for Beginners):
    • Cover solutions to practical challenges and exercises I present throughout the Course; and
    • Help you build your first, simple but powerful, VBA Application.
  • Practice lessons (in VBA Fundamentals) present practical challenges and exercises for you to complete. In these Practice lessons, you create useful, practical, and powerful macros you can easily:
    • Adjust; and
    • Implement in your everyday activities.
  • Bonus lessons cover helpful features, tools, and strategies you can use when working with macros and VBA.

As I'm guessing you can tell from your end, I am making progress with the course. I am enjoying it (...).

So far, your approach and teachings have been easy to follow, which I thank you for (...). Although my macros and approach work, I'm sure they can be improved and expanded with the knowledge I gain from this course.

Al C.


This Lesson (...) uses the example I have tried to find on the web but never could! Just to clean-up and format downloaded data so I could make sense of it. The macros (...) are wonderful. I've bought many Excel how-to books that seemed to want to focus on Message/Input boxes and making charts- all of which I'm sure are important to some - But just seemed to be fancy window dressing to me. I just wanted to get the work done, not paint it with pretty things. Again, thank you for all your help!

Carl E.


I am sorry I have dabbled a lot with VBA already but as you say the knowledge you gain comes after hours of searching through the Web. That I have found missing is that structured approach you are presenting on the course.

Tony L.

South Africa

What You'll Learn

How to work with Excel macros and VBA to automate Excel and save time.

PSA Platinum is a hands-on comprehensive Training Bundle that helps you automate Excel with macros and VBA.

Learn the how and the why.

You'll gain a deep understanding of:

  • How to start creating macros.
  • Why create macros.
  • When to create macros.
  • How (and when) to work with the most fundamental VBA constructs.

What works. What doesn't. And why.

Don’t waste time creating macros that later fail to perform as expected.


  • The techniques and strategies that can help you create macros that work as you plan; and
  • Why these techniques and strategies work.

Step-by-step for every process.

I'll help you:

  • With all the necessary set-up and preparation to start:
    • Creating macros.
    • Working with VBA.
  • Understand the constructs and strategies required to start working with VBA.

Help creating macros from scratch, and understanding/working with VBA.

I'll teach you:

  • How to:
    • Create macros from scratch, including how to use several tools, features, and resources to find the constructs, structures, and processes your macros should use to achieve your objectives.
    • Work with the most fundamental VBA constructs.
  • The techniques and strategies you can use to reduce the risk of your macros failing to work as expected.

Create simple, but powerful and useful, VBA Applications.

Learn how to create simple, powerful, useful, and elegant VBA Applications to automate processes and save time for years to come.

I have some experience with VBA but do not believe I am using it efficiently. I spend too much time on the net trying to learn how to do certain tasks. I prefer a more organized learning method such as your program.

Jerry B.


Hi J,

I just wanted to let you know that I think I am starting to understand VBA as I have been successfully writing complex code and it has been working and that has made me rather excited!

David P.


I learn EXCEL VBA by self study by reading many books, some by professionals. The problem is that I cannot consolidate what I have learnt (bit by bit) by putting them into daily use successfully. When I start to read articles written by you and the initial Excel Lessons you offer to me. I instantly realize that I can learn Excel VBA in a logical and orderly way through your coaching.

Franklin S.

Hong Kong

Who This Training Bundle is For

Excel users who want to automate processes and save time.

Work Faster

Save Time

Advance Your Career

I designed PSA Platinum for those looking to build upon their current Excel knowledge through macros and VBA as an amazing way to:

  • Automate processes;
  • Become more efficient; and
  • Save time when working with Excel.


  • Are always looking to:
    • Save time.
    • Be more efficient and powerful.
  • Want to expand your career by becoming an Excel Power User.
  • Have several ideas of the Excel processes you want to (fully or partially) automate but don't know how to do this.

If any of the following sounds familiar, this Training Bundle is for you:

  • You spend a substantial amount of time manually carrying out repetitive tasks within Excel.
  • You:
    • Must periodically prepare, update, or refresh reports or dashboards; and
    • Are tired of wasting time by repeating the same steps manually.
  • You want to help your colleagues or supervisors carry out certain tasks automatically.
  • You want to acquire skills that:
    • Are in demand; and
    • Will help you advance your career.

I have learned that knowledge of VBA and Macros can advance me in the plant... I now see what I need to do.... Thank you for This course it is well needed.

Felicia M.


Senior Accounting Manager at a technology company. I have several reports that I have to complete on a weekly basis. They are the same report, just with updated details. I've known for a long time that macros could help cut down the time in creating the reports, I just haven't had the time to learn and experiment until now.

Cari A.


I work with large volumes of data, creating reports and forecasts, and then communicating them. I am fairly certain I will be able to use Macros/VBA to automate large chunks of my work, allowing me to spend more time focused on business intelligence and insight.

Tom C.


Members love the Power Spreadsheets Academy

Thousands of Excel users from all walks of life (including students, professionals, and retirees) have used the Power Spreadsheets Academy to learn about working with Excel macros and VBA.

The Training Materials inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy are so detailed and thorough that members come from:

  • Top-ranked universities; and
  • Top-tier companies.

Here's a small selection of schools and companies where students and professionals have used the Power Spreadsheets Academy.

Learning How to Automate Excel with Macros and VBA Doesn't Have to be Difficult

I'm here to help you cut through the confusion.

Over the last few years, I've helped hundreds of thousands of people work with macros and VBA.

  • Thousands of people have signed up for my Training; while
  • Thousands of others read my Tutorials every day.

I've also worked with Excel macros and VBA for years, automating a wide variety of processes.

These experiences have allowed me to identify the approaches and processes that work best to learn how to automate Excel with macros and VBA.

I know what it takes to take you:

  • From a complete beginner with absolutely no knowledge about macros and VBA;
  • To a confident Power User who's able to create powerful VBA Applications.

It took me years, and thousands of hours, to learn Excel macros and VBA. I've drawn from my experiences, and the experiences of thousands of Excel macro and VBA learners just like you (whom I've also helped to learn how to work with macros and VBA), to create PSA Platinum.

In PSA Platinum, I:

  • Make sure you learn in a structured and practical way, without getting overwhelmed.
  • Focus on making Excel macros and VBA easy to learn for you.

In these Training Materials (Courses, Books, and other Training Resources), I:

  • Don't overwhelm you by teaching you advanced topics too fast.
  • Help you build a solid knowledge foundation that serves you in (both) the short and long term.

This allows you to quickly start benefiting from the power of Excel macros and VBA in only a few hours. At the same time, this solid knowledge foundation allows you to confidently tackle even more advanced topics in the future.

In other words: PSA Platinum gives you insight into the techniques and strategies that truly work to create simple (but powerful) Excel macros that work as you expect.

I walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

With high-quality videos and examples along the way, you'll be able to start:

  • Creating simple but powerful macros in no time.
  • Saving time when working with Excel.
  • Advancing your career soon.

Your colleagues, supervisors, friends, and family are waiting to be impressed by your Excel skills.

I cannot begin to tell you how helpful your emails, tutorials, courses,code generator, ...are! I have moved from a flailing (failing) novice to writing macros for my very small personal business.

Rebecca S.


It’s actually going well – I did decide to back up and review the Macro course. Your teaching style is good.

Tracy W.


As an aside, and more importantly, I am able to easily understand the concepts your are sharing.

Al C.


From No Knowledge of Macros and VBA to Creating Powerful and Flexible VBA Applications

Here are the Premium Training Materials you get immediately after enrolling in PSA Platinum.

Excel Macros for Beginners

  • Module #1: Introduction to Macros and VBA.
  • Module #2: Set Up Excel to Work with Macros.
  • Module #3: Macro Security.
  • Module #4: Record Macros.
  • Module #5: Execute Macros.
  • Module #6: Delete Macros.
  • Module #7: The Visual Basic Editor.
  • Module #8: Work with VBA.
  • Module #9: Code Formatting, Organization and Review.
  • Module #10: Tools for Creating Macros from Scratch.
  • Module #11: Complete Your VBA Project.

I am enjoying the course very much! I am actually doing the Excel macros for Beginners (77%) to ensure I have a firm foundation before getting too deep into the VBA fundamentals.

I am learning some things that have been overlooked in other courses I have taken. Your presentation on the Object hierarchy helped greatly in understanding some online VBA examples.

Albert P.


I do want to reiterate that I am really enjoying the course and I am learning a ton of good things. Another selling point of your course is that not only do you learn about VBA and macros, but you also provide a lot of good pointers on shortcut keys across the board.

Thanks again!

Al C.


VBA Fundamentals (Part I)

  • Module #1: Procedures and Sub Procedures.
  • Module #2: The Structure of a VBA Statement.
  • Module #3: Objects.
  • Module #4: Properties and Methods.
  • Module #5: The With... End With Statement.
  • Module #6: Formulas and Cell References.
  • Module #7: Expressions and Operators.
  • Module #8: Variables and Data Types.
  • Module #9: Variable Scope and Lifetime.
  • Module #10: Object Variables.
  • Module #11: Constants.
  • Module #12: Arrays.

VBA Fundamentals (Part II)

  • Module #1: Call Procedures and Pass Data Between Procedures.
  • Module #2: Work with Functions in VBA.
  • Module #3: Create User-Defined Functions.
  • Module #4: Control Code Execution: Introduction.
  • Module #5: Control Code Execution: Conditionally Execute Statements.
  • Module #6: Control Code Execution: Handle Errors.
  • Module #7: Control Code Execution: Repeat a Set of Statements.
  • Module #8: Create Automatic Procedures.

(...) when you asked if I would like to subscribe to your VBA fundamentals course I hesitated then decided to go for it. I'm very happy that I did and would recommend your course to anyone who asks!

John F.


The Power Spreadsheets Library

Excel Macros for Beginners

Book Series

  • Introduction to Excel Macros and VBA.
  • Create Excel Macros Without Programming.
  • Introduction to Excel Macro Security and Storage.
  • Excel Macro Execution Basics.
  • Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Basics.

VBA Fundamentals 

Book Series

  • Introduction to Excel VBA Procedures and Sub Procedures.
  • VBA Statement Basics.
  • Introduction to the Excel VBA Object Model and Object References.
  • Introduction to Properties, Methods and Parameters in Excel VBA.
  • With… End With Blocks in Excel VBA.
  • Formulas, Cell References, Expressions and Operators in Excel VBA.
  • Variables, Data Types and User-Defined Constants in Excel VBA.
  • Arrays in Excel VBA.
  • Procedure Calling in Excel VBA.
  • Functions in Excel VBA.
  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs) in Excel VBA.
  • Control Flow and Decision-Making in Excel VBA.
  • Error Handling in Excel VBA.
  • Loops in Excel VBA.
  • Introduction to Events in Excel VBA.

Where was this guy years ago? Author does a great job of explaining precisely what the book is about. Would love to see a comprehensive book by this guy! His approach is orchestrated for learners; in language that is easy to understand for learners. Well done.

Eric N.


(...) it is a nice clear thorough easy to understand introduction (...)

The explanation is careful and thorough and the time investment will pay off later when you have a thorough understanding (...)

I would have liked to have read this book when I first started.

Alan E.



Enroll now and get the following bonuses! I can't promise to offer the same in the future.

Bonus #1: A substantial price discount (USD 150+ value).

I value all the members of the Power Spreadsheets Community... but I wanted to do something EXTRA SPECIAL for you, if you want to squeeze the most value from what I have to offer.

This is why I bundled all the Training Materials inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy into PSA PlatinumPSA Platinum gives you access to all the Training Materials that you'd invest over time... and lock in immediate savings of approximately USD 150 or more (vs. the future price) as a "thank you" for enrolling early. These savings are (already) reflected in the prices displayed on this Webpage.

You were the only instructor for excel macros that I have seen that has offered so much in his introduction to excel macros course and has been very good at their explanations.

Leo R.


Great resources and great value.

John B.


Bonus #2: Expert support directly from me (USD 200+ value).

If there's anything in the Courses that you don't understand:

  • Ask questions; and
  • Get advice directly from me.

You can do this:

  • Through the Course software; or
  • By email.

I monitor and reply to both comments and emails personally. This ensures you'll get responses directly from me, the creator of all the training materials at the Power Spreadsheets Academy.

This personalized, expert support is one of the things that:

  • Sets the Power Spreadsheets Academy apart; and
  • Helps you achieve your goals faster.

I don't provide 1-on-1 coaching. But when you invest in PSA Platinum, personal support is included for free. This means you can:

  • Ask questions about the topics covered in the Courses; and
  • Get advice regarding those Course topics directly from me.

I'm committed to help you succeed with macros and VBA. I don't take this responsibility lightly. Your success with macros and VBA is my priority.

Thanks so much Jorge for the clarifications and insights. I will keep these in mind as I continue to learn.

Al C.


Hi J,

Thanks for the continued support. I really appreciated it!!

David P.


Note: There are some limitations to these support services. For example, I can't (i) complete, (ii) partially develop, (iii) fully develop, (iv) provide advice in connection with, nor (v) answer questions in connection with, any of the following (or anything similar) for you: (i) macros, (ii) VBA procedures, (iii) VBA Projects, (iv) VBA Applications, (v) homework/work/employment assignments. I also can't answer questions on topics not covered in these Courses. I'm happy to answer qualitative and technical questions that are related to these Courses' materials.

Bonus #3: Examples and Companion Files (USD 100 value).

In addition to the step-by-step video instruction, all lessons are accompanied by useful companion files. These include:

  • Videos.
  • Slide decks.
  • Lesson transcripts.
  • Example Excel workbooks.

These downloadable videos and files help you work and study in your preferred environment.

Thanks for checking in. I don't have much free time, but when I do, I am able to progress through the lessons.

One thing I'm glad is that you have the transcript of the lessons. It makes it easier for me to follow if I can see the words. I'll let you know if I have any questions.

Thank you!

Vi D.


Bonus #4: Help Shape the Future of the Power Spreadsheets Academy.

I take measures to ensure I can:

  • Work closely with enrolled students.
  • Provide the best service and support to you.

In addition to receiving support directly from me, you can help me shape (through your advice, comments, questions, and suggestions) the future contents of the Power Spreadsheets Academy.

I'm constantly making improvements to the Power Spreadsheets Academy. Any improvements I make to PSA Platinum during the term of your Membership and based on your feedback will benefit you.

My 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee Means You Take No Risk

I've extensively tested the techniques and strategies you learn in PSA Platinum. I know the training works.

I'm happy to offer you the opportunity to take 30 days (from the date of your initial enrollment) to evaluate everything inside PSA Platinum. If you're not 100% satisfied, contact me before the end of this 30-day period and ask for your money back. I'll refund your investment, no questions asked.

There is absolutely no risk to you within these 30 days (from the date of your initial enrollment): You can ask for your money back for any reason whatsoever -or for no reason at all.

I trust (both) you and PSA Platinum. I stand behind the quality of the Training Materials. I'm confident that, if you put in the work, you'll learn how to work with Excel macros and VBA. In other words: I'm confident that:

  • PSA Platinum will deliver a lot of value; and
  • You'll find PSA Platinum worth a lot more than what you're paying.

One of the Most Important and Valuable Investments You'll Ever Make in Your Career

  • Three (3) years of access to all Training Materials inside the Power Spreadsheets Academy.
  • 26+ hours of video lessons.
  • Downloadable HD Course videos.
  • 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
  • Bonus: A substantial price discount vs. the future price (USD 150+ value).
  • Bonus: Exclusive access to expert support through the Course software or by email (USD 200+ value).
  • Bonus: Downloadable example and companion files (USD 100 value).
  • Bonus: Help shape the future of the Power Spreadsheets Academy with your advice, comments, questions, and suggestions.

Three (3) year Membership to the PSA Platinum Training Bundle.

You will have access to the Training Materials included in the PSA Platinum Training Bundle for three (3) years, starting on the date of your initial enrollment. After this three (3) year Membership term, your Membership will expire automatically.

Payment Plan

  • 4 monthly payments of 127 87 each

Note: Prices above are in USD and do not include taxes (if applicable)

Secure Payment

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